Professional Personal Development Training

Free Choices range of customised training is developed specifically to suit each client.

All programmes are designed, so that you can easily and directly apply the skills and knowledge learnt into your regular business. Our structured and progressive approach incorporates the utilisation of internally skilled talent, mentoring and coaching. This approach to training and professional development is cost effective, highly functional and increases the development and retention of your valuable staff.

Specifically designed to meet your precise needs & goals.
Designed and delivered by experts in their field.
Created to have a meaningful & lasting impact.
Delivered by trainers who are passionate about and love what they do.
Led by trainers who possess a great talent for recognising and promoting others potential.
Takes a holistic approach.
Flexible & adaptable to the needs of clients.
Immerse participants in an engaging experiential training experience.
Provides on-going support resources.
Utilises the value & contribution of diversity.
Where trainers continually strive for self-development & levels of excellence.
And last but not least have Fun.

Customised Training Programmes

An approach to training that is as straightforward as A, B, C...D!

An investment in the right training ensures that your business possesses highly skilled, well Informed, competent and top performing staff, who are able to deliver an excellent service for your clients. Our Professional Personal Development Training enables you to effectively advance your personnel at all levels, supporting them to:

Acquire the relevant skills and experience to grow.
Be more willing to take on new roles and responsibilities.
Competently progress within and strengthen your organisation.
Develop and maximise their potential

All training will be discussed in detail with your Training Development Consultant (TDC), in order to formulate your specific programme.

We will clearly identify your specific focus, expectations and goals.

An individual, group or business profile will be constructed: This provides a standpoint from, which you can pinpoint and analyse the dynamics and overall perspective of your business, team, group or individual.

From your formulated individual or group profile we will create a specific programme to reach your desired aim in the most time effective and productive way.

Our Professional Personal Development Training Programmes

Free Choices targeted training builds your employees strengths, awareness, resilience, and skills, which enable business to adapt and grow. We work to provide the most professional, high quality and cost-effective training possible. Our aim is to promote openness to training and our customised training is focused to fit your needs and resources. Read more about how Free Choices training can significantly enhance your personal professional performance.


The customer experience can be hugely improved by adopting a focused approach in conveying relevant information, keeping things simple, following clear procedures and good practice.


What is positive Leadership and what does it take to be an effective leader? Do you possess the qualities, skills and knowledge to lead and guide others in a chosen direction?


Whether you are a manager or are new to the role, Free Choices People Management training works to build strong competencies, which enables proficient oversight of staff and services.


Productive working relationships are built through knowing the needs and objectives between you, individuals and groups from different cultures and viewpoints.


The Diverse Mental Health Training Approach essentially incorporates the particularly detrimental mental health circumstances of women and people from diverse groups.


Mastering the knowledge and skills required to effectively manage the challenges of work-based conflicts are essential for developing a productive and healthy work environment.


Poor telephone interactions can leave clients or customers feeling upset, frustrated, angry or let down. The reputation of the business could also be damaged or lost.


Practical techniques, skills and specific abilities are developed which can effectively be utilised in order to meet requirements and achieve business, group or individual goals.


The training focus is to enhance your communication skills and help you become more effective in your engagement and interactions with others in the most productive ways possible.

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