Professional Personal Development Training

Free Choices range of customised training is developed specifically to suit each client.

All programmes are designed, so that you can easily and directly apply the skills and knowledge learnt into your regular business. Our structured and progressive approach incorporates the utilisation of internally skilled talent, mentoring and coaching. This approach to training and professional development is cost effective, highly functional and increases the development and retention of your valuable staff.

Specifically designed to meet your precise needs & goals.
Designed and delivered by experts in their field.
Created to have a meaningful & lasting impact.
Delivered by trainers who are passionate about and love what they do.
Led by trainers who possess a great talent for recognising and promoting others potential.
Takes a holistic approach.
Flexible & adaptable to the needs of clients.
Immerse participants in an engaging experiential training experience.
Provides on-going support resources.
Utilises the value & contribution of diversity.
Where trainers continually strive for self-development & levels of excellence.
And last but not least have Fun.

Customised Training Programmes

An approach to training that is as straightforward as A, B, C...D!

An investment in the right training ensures that your business possesses highly skilled, well Informed, competent and top performing staff, who are able to deliver an excellent service for your clients. Our Professional Personal Development Training enables you to effectively advance your personnel at all levels, supporting them to:

Acquire the relevant skills and experience to grow.
Be more willing to take on new roles and responsibilities.
Competently progress within and strengthen your organisation.
Develop and maximise their potential>

All training will be discussed in detail with your Training Development Consultant (TDC), in order to formulate your specific programme.

We will clearly identify your specific focus, expectations and goals.

An individual, group or business profile will be constructed: This provides a standpoint from, which you can pinpoint and analyse the dynamics and overall perspective of your business, team, group or individual.

From your formulated individual or group profile we will create a specific programme to reach your desired aim in the most time effective and productive way.

Our Professional Personal Development Training Programmes

Free Choices targeted training builds your employees strengths, awareness, resilience, and skills, which enable business to adapt and grow. We work to provide the most professional, high quality and cost-effective training possible. Our aim is to promote openness to training and our customised training is focused to fit your needs and resources. Read more about how Free Choices training can significantly enhance your personal professional performance.

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Customer Relationship

The customer experience can be hugely improved by adopting a focused approach in conveying relevant information, keeping things simple, following clear procedures and good practice, providing practical solutions, utilising targeted training and above all possessing a genuine commitment to providing the best possible service for customers. Meeting customer demands and needs presents an essential part in gaining, the edge in competitive markets and in the promotion of sustainable business growth and survival.

Programme Brief

The Free Choices C.O.M.M.U.N.I.C.A.T.E approach, used to build lasting and rewarding Customer Relationships, provides your people and organisation with valuable and highly effective key knowledge, skills and strategies for developing a winning ethos and excellent customer experience.

This approach covers eleven key areas:

Constant & speedy flow of information: This is essential and above all the most important process in managing situations, particularly when something has gone wrong.

Organised business processes ensure that all relevant parties involved are fully aware of established policies and procedures. This reduces the chance of confusion and errors and facilitates a faster and smoother response to customer needs.

Motivated and engaged staff are more productive, willing to go above and beyond and deliver a more positive customer interaction.

Matching needs with appropriate services demonstrates that you have analysed the customers demands and experience and are able to implement responses which quickly satisfy the customer’s request.

Understanding your customer’s expectations and responding promptly and appropriately.

Navigation of your resources and services are necessary, in order to maintain direction and respond successfully to demands.

Identification of clear roles and responsibilities ensures competent, faster and effective delivery of services.

Calm & friendly manner conveys a professional approach and promotes a sense of control, which engages and puts customers at ease.

Access modes to your services allows for maximum connection with your customers Trained and competent people are essential, in order to deal professionally and successfully with demanding situations.

Empathy is an important part of how you express a genuine understanding and interest in the experience and welfare of your people and customers.

C.O.M.M.U.N.I.C.A.T.E and you earn your customer’s respect and loyalty.

Our team of highly experienced and professional international trainers deliver programmes and targeted coaching for individuals, teams and global businesses. We will clearly analyse your requirements and goals. Your programme will be constructed incorporating relevant aspects of our highly effective Customer Relationship COMMUNICATION Factors Approach.


  • Deliver nothing less than an excellent customer experience
  • Build trust & loyalty with your people and customer relationships
  • Establish strong and lasting customer relationships
  • Improve performance and productivity
  • Promote highly motivated and engaged staff
  • Enhance your people’s potential and retain talent

Then the Free Choices Customer Relationship Training Team are the choice for you!

Leadership Skills

Programme Brief

Do you possess the qualities, skills and knowledge to lead and guide others in a chosen direction? Over the years a diverse range of beliefs, concepts and demonstrations of leadership have been expressed. What is positive Leadership and what does it take to be an effective leader?

Free Choices Leadership Skills Training works with you to:

  • Build positive and effective leadership skills
  • Tune your self-awareness and style of leadership
  • Question yourself and recognise accountability
  • Harness your full strengths & potential
  • Deal with demands and threats
  • Recognise the role and meaning of strength & courage in leadership
  • Understand the impact of responsibility and decision making

Programme Content

Our team of highly experienced and professional international trainers deliver programmes and coaching for individuals, teams and global businesses. They will work with you to develop your awareness, strengths and skills to:

  • Develop clear understanding of different leadership styles
  • Formulate and enhance your unique leadership perspective and style
  • Identify significant traits of effective & resilient leadersp
  • Promote engagement and raise productivity
  • Be an Emotionally Intelligent & Mindful Leader
  • Develop ways to build understanding and connect with others: The importance of empathy in leadership
  • Form and maintain your vision, goals and meaning in leadership
  • Develop strategies to build trust and loyalty
  • Build effective communication skills, make an impact & get things done
  • Inspire & motive others
  • Deal with crisis and make difficult decisions

Programme Delivery

Training will be interactive and experiential. This is in order, to promote engagement, motivation and significant learning or change. Coaching and individual feedback techniques will be utilised. Focus will be on developing participant’s awareness, as well as, the practical application of the knowledge and skills, which have been developed.

People Management

Managers hold a diverse number of responsibilities and are directly involved in the support of staff, in order to provide guidance, supervision, sufficient work performance and meet targets. They are also responsible for the support of employees who are affected by stress, stress related illness and absence. Whether you are a manager or are new to the role, Free Choices People Management training works to build strong competencies, which enables proficient oversight of staff and services.

Programme Brief

Our trainers will develop your knowledge, practical skills and awareness in areas such as:

  • Positive People Management – skills in enhancing employee engagement and job performance
  • Effective strategies in giving direct guidance and getting things done
  • Working with Diversity & Inclusion
  • Dealing with conflict & challenging situations
  • Constructive approaches in the sustainable recruitment & retention of staff
  • Strategies in coping with excessive workload & time management
  • Development of personal well-being practices and Work-Life Enhancement
  • Recognising & understanding indicators of anxiety, stress & burnout
  • Building resilience and dealing with crisis
  • Establishing strategies in constructively dealing with complaints
  • Developing empathic listening skills, strengthening understanding and bonds with others
  • Effective communication skills
  • Recognising individuals in need of further assessment or support
  • Engaging with and constructively supporting team members
  • Recognising relevant factors in relation to Duty of Care for supporting individuals

Delivery of the Training

Training will be interactive and experiential. This is in order, to promote engagement, motivation and significant learning or change. Focus will be on developing participant’s awareness, as well as, the daily practical application of the knowledge and skills learnt.

Diversity & Inclusion

"Bringing people together"

Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion brings an enhanced recognition for the value and significance of difference. Successful interactions between diverse groups and cultures requires openness, knowledge and awareness. Productive working relationships are built through knowing the needs and objectives between yourself, individuals and groups from different cultures and viewpoints. Recognition and utilisation of your own, as well as, other people’s experience, values, talents, motivations, background and perspectives, enables us to establish stronger and more rewarding social and business relationships.

Ultimately Diversity and Inclusion are related to the way in which culture and difference are perceived and responded to by individuals and the wider society. The manner in which we knowingly or unknowingly think about and perceive the world, greatly influences our interactions and the way society functions. Awareness and acknowledgement of this can help us better understand how this impacts on our way of thinking, behaviour and performance.

3As perspective on Diversity

The 3 As perspective on diversity refers to:

Acceptance: How our psychological and social acceptance of the differences between individuals, cultures and the wider world, in which we live, along with the recognition and respect of these differences, offers better possibilities for co-operation, learning and stability.

Acknowledgement: Acknowledgement of inequality, discrimination and the fact that we all possess conscious and unconscious bias and are influenced by the cultural ideas and stereotypes we are exposed to in society, is a necessary standpoint from, which we can begin to become more self-aware, challenge and change towards becoming more open and inclusive.

Added value: Recognition that diversity provides us with a multitude of different perspectives, which can be utilized and contribute to:


  1. Increased talent, choices and flexibility
  2. Enhanced global interactions
  3. Greater Personal & professional growth and co-operation
  4. Increased performance and productivity
  5. Stronger competitiveness and profitability
  6. Improves company brand and organisational culture
  7. Closer understanding, which enhances stronger social and business relationships
  8. Greater creativity and innovation
  9. Attracts & retains talent
  10. Wider perspectives offering more problem-solving options
  11. Improved client experience
  12. Increased communication skills and more satisfying social and business environments

Our team of professional inter-cultural trainers and coaches offer customised training and coaching for individuals, teams and global businesses Training programmes are created for your specific needs and will enable you to: -

  • Tune awareness of culture and diversity
  • Understand how culture, values systems and ways of thinking relate to societal perceptions and intolerance
  • Understand and respond to unconscious bias
  • Constructively challenge stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination
  • Understand and utilise the 3 As of Diversity in your individual and company development
  • Establish Diversity and inclusion strategies into your team and organisation
  • Maximise talent in Diverse Teams
  • Promote the benefits and manage challenges of working with Diversity & Inclusion
  • Develop understanding and strategies in working with diverse client groups

Delivery of the Training

Training will be interactive and experiential. This is in order, to promote engagement, motivation and significant learning or change. Focus will be on developing participant’s awareness, as well as, the daily practical application of the knowledge and skills learnt. Programmes will explore challenging issues and feelings, which require participants to engage in exercises and to look at their own experience, backgrounds, mode of thinking, values, beliefs, assumptions, biases and prejudices.

The workshop allows the opportunity to share and learn from people’s experiences, knowledge and ideas

Contact us to find out more about Free Choices Diversity & Inclusion Training Programmes E-Mail:

Diverse Mental Health Training

We believe that a truly meaningful and comprehensive mental health strategy is only achievable when it includes the full and specific experience of women and people from diverse groups

The Diverse Mental Health Training Approach essentially incorporates the particularly detrimental mental health circumstances of women and people from diverse groups. Recognition and understanding of these experiences, enables effective person-centred support

Our unique approach comes together with businesses to develop mentally healthy, diverse, inclusive, happier and more productive work cultures

Diverse Mental Health Training partners with individuals and organisations supporting:

  1. Create greater understanding of the mental health issues faced by women and people from diverse groups
  2. Develop effective strategies to meet the specific mental health and well-being needs of women and people from diverse backgrounds and businesses

An investment in supporting & promoting diversity and inclusion is also an investment in developing better mental health & well-being



Contact us to find out more about how we can support to create your people’s mental health and wellbeing strategy

Conflict Management

No matter what type of conflict exists mastering the knowledge and skills required to effectively manage these challenges are essential for constructive resolution and development of a productive work environment. Conflicts within the workplace arise for numerous reasons, such as:

  • Lack of equality or inclusion
  • Poor communication
  • Competition
  • Threats or insecurity
  • Provocative or negative behaviour
  • Personality clashes
  • Difficulties in the management approach
  • Different expectations and beliefs

These can significantly impact on one’s psychological and physical wellbeing, causing higher levels of stress, anxiety, fear, anger, resentment, insecurity and loss of confidence. The ability to deal well with conflicts can greatly contribute to the development of a more secure and productive work culture.

Ten Major Benefits of Workplace Conflict Management

  1. Improve pathways of communication and work relationships
  2. Increase engagement and motivation
  3. Create a more positive and comfortable work culture
  4. Reduce levels of stress and anxiety
  5. Increase performance and productivity
  6. Encourage constructive problem solving
  7. Improve concentration
  8. Increase job satisfaction and retention of staff
  9. Promote an environment of respectful management
  10. Improve general Health & Wellbeing

Free Choices Conflict Management Training will enable participants to:

  • Understand different triggers and sources of conflict
  • Understand the impact of Assigning Blame vs Taking Responsibility in the role of conflict
  • Develop empathic listening skills, in order to build trust and facilitate understanding
  • Develop strategies in responding to conflict
  • Motivate others in their willingness and ability to resolve conflict
  • Build resilience in dealing with challenging people and situations
  • Build skills for the de-escalation of difficult situations
  • Identify ways workplace culture can minimise conflict

Delivery of the Training

Training will be interactive and experiential. This is in order, to promote engagement, motivation and significant learning or change. Focus will be on developing participant’s awareness, as well as, the daily practical application of the knowledge and skills learnt.

Telephone / Support Line Skills

Have you ever made a call to a company where you have been?

  • Kept hanging on the line
  • Passed from pillar to post only to eventually be given no or inaccurate information
  • Passed to the wrong person or department
  • Greeted by someone who is impatient, cold, unfriendly, rude, vague, distracted, uninformed or sounds bored
  • Greeted by someone who it feels does not care and finds it a struggle to assist you
  • Treated in a way that seems disrespectful

Such telephone interactions can leave people feeling upset, frustrated, angry or let down. This is not necessarily because the caller’s needs were not met, but rather due to the quality of the call and the way it was handled. These experiences fail to make a professional impression, leading to client complaints or leaving and resulting in a business’s reputation being damaged or lost

Well trained and skilled Telephone and Hotline Staff are able to engage in 7 Key ways:

  1. Interact in a highly professional and empathic manner
  2. Facilitate others to express their thoughts and feelings
  3. Fully understand the client’s perspective and needs
  4. Build rapport and trust
  5. Take issues seriously
  6. Are reliable and generate a sense of security
  7. Respond in a respectful and courteous manner
Programme Overview The Free Choices Telephone / Support Line Skills Training works with participants to develop a highly professional approach, which will enable them to: -
  • Utilise constructive and appropriate use of Language
  • Develop empathic listening skills, enabling clients to feel heard and understood
  • Build their knowledge and skills in their Verbal Communication
  • Develop ways to establish trust and security in their contact and relationships with clients
  • Establish approaches to create bonds and commitment
  • Feel motivated and positively engaged
  • Support highly emotional clients or clients at risk
  • Develop strategies in managing complaints
  • Deal with angry / aggressive clients
  • Understand and implement confidentiality

Delivery of the Training

Training will be interactive and experiential. This is in order, to promote engagement, motivation and significant learning or change. Focus will be on developing participant’s awareness, as well as, the daily practical application of the knowledge and skills learnt.

Coaching & Mentoring

Programme Brief

Coaching and mentoring both offer approaches, which provide guidance and motivation to improve performance and achieve goals. They identify possible ways to reach desired aims, resolve difficulties or enhance specific skills, knowledge or experience. Coaching involves clarification of needs and goals. Practical techniques, skills and specific abilities are developed, which can effectively be utilised, in order to meet requirements and achieve business, group or individual aims. Mentoring is offered by a significantly experienced or knowledgeable individual who is able to provide instruction, information and support to others, in order to enhance an individual’s personal and professional development. A mentor acts as a role model, who is able to inspire, motivate and advance his/her mentoree.

For more information including the benefits of coaching, see our article The Difference Between Coaching & Counselling.

Programme Focus Areas

Our trainers are qualified coaches and highly experienced professionals who deliver programmes for individuals, teams and global businesses. We will clearly analyse your requirements and goals, in order to formulate your specific training programme.

The Free Choices Coaching & Mentoring Trainers will work with you to develop your knowledge, emotional intelligence and practical skills enabling you to:

  • Develop a clear understanding of the coach and mentor role
  • Utilise your individual coaching & mentor style
  • Develop your practical coaching & mentor skills and strategies
  • Draw out and build your individual strengths
  • Motivate and inspire others
  • Enhance your coaching and mentor potential
  • Work with approaches for positive and creative Coaching and Mentoring

Delivery of the Training

Training will be interactive using an experiential approach to promote engagement, motivation and significant learning or change. Focus will be on developing participant’s awareness, building professional competencies, as well as, understanding the daily practical application of the knowledge and skills learnt.

Effective Communication


It’s all about communication. Effective communication is more than conversing in a language or reading somebody else’s body language. It’s in the how, when, who, what, purpose, meaning and context of the way, in which we interact with others. Our focus is to enhance your communication skills and help you become more effective in your engagement and interactions with others in the most productive ways possible.

Our trainers work with you to develop knowledge, practical skills & awareness, which enable you to:

  • Develop emotionally intelligent responses in communication
  • Understand the diversity of communication
  • Utilise effective verbal and non-verbal communication styles
  • Enhance individual communication styles
  • Build confidence in self-expression
  • Understand psychological and organisational aspects of communication
  • Develop empathic listening skills, strengthening understanding and bonds with others
  • Explore creative styles of communication

Delivery of the Training

Training will be interactive and experiential. This is in order, to promote engagement, motivation and significant learning or change. Focus will be on developing participant’s awareness, as well as, the daily practical application of the knowledge and skills learnt.

Contact us to find out more about our training programmes.

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