Executive & Professional Coaching

Why work with a Free Choices Coach?

Free Choices Coaches are dedicated to using their highly professional skills, extensive experience, training, and resources, in order to facilitate a supportive and motivating process. They work with you to clarify your needs and set your specific goals. You will work together through clear steps within a defined time frame. You will develop practical techniques, skills, abilities, awareness and clearly structured strategies, which you can effectively utilise, in order to meet your needs and achieve your business, group or individual aims.

There are many different reasons people seek input from a coach. These can relate to changes or improvements in various aspects of your professional or personal development such as:

Enhancing professional talent & potential

Health & Well-being: A focus on a more positive and healthy work-life balance and dealing with health & fitness issues

Developing or enhancing leadership and management skills

Dealing with personal or professional relationships: for instance - managing conflict or performance issues, communication with work colleagues or managing work & private issues

Work challenges or career changes: such as: - improving business or professional performance, coping with work demands, increasing resilience, responding to workplace mobbing, managing meetings or seeking promotion or job change

Behaviour changes: An individual may be seeking positive behaviour changes, such as dealing with anger or stress, being more or less assertive and increasing self confidence

One-to-One & Group Coaching

Our One-to-One and Group Coaching is tailor-made for your particular goals & needs. Specific Skills Coaching significantly builds, refines and improves your competence and expertise. Our Top Five Free Choices Coaching Areas:


help improve understanding of conflict causes, recognize signs and triggers, develop communication, and conflict resolution strategies, and manage conflict situations constructively.


develop understanding and application of mindfulness theory and practice for personal and professional growth areas such as leadership, teamwork, performance, and emotional wellbeing.


help identify, strengthen, and utilize internal and external resilience resources and skills to reduce adverse effects and improve overall sense of wellbeing.


define and develop leadership style and qualities, enhance strengths in decision making, influence, inspiration, motivation, commitment, and loyalty.


identify personal and private priorities, develop strategies for emotional and physical resilience, and support decision-making to establish a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


includes Executive, Career, People Management, Emotional Intelligence, Empathic Listening Skills Coaching.

We are all about working with you, in order to cultivate new and creative ways to conceptualise, approach and achieve your goals. Tapping into your full potential and gaining better performance, along with greater life satisfaction.

Our Coaching Choices Support You Achieve Your Goals

Partner with our expert coaches in the development of strategies and strengths to deal with existing and / or future challenges. As well as:

  • Clarification and understanding of your specific issues.
  • Greater business success and growth.
  • Build self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Tap into and strengthen inner resources.
  • Develop new practical life skills.
  • Support you deal with stress and conflict.
  • Focused and constructive support in resolving your issues.
  • Development and realisation of your ideas, plans and future goals.
  • Support in enhancing your talent and fulfilling your potential.
  • Improve your communication and inter-personal skills.

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